Grow Autonomously_Rainbow Direction 13

Grow Autonomously_Rainbow Direction 13, ARTBN x SPARKY Visual Culture Collaboration video, 2m 11s, 2022


주체롭게11/Autonomously11_조각을 만들지 못하게 하기 위한 조각 _ video from installation, 29s, 2021

Half Side, Other Side_Catalogue

반측면_카탈로그/Half Side, Other Side_Catalogue, single channel video, 00:05:35, 2018

Right angle landscape_process

Right angle landscape_process, single channel video, 00:01:11, 2018

Grow Autonomously4

주체롭게 자라다4 Grow Autonomously4 _ video from installation, 2m16s, 2019   주체롭게 자라다4 Grow Autonomously4 _ video from installation, 1m16s, 2019

Grow Autonomously1+2

주체롭게 자라다1+2 Grow Autonomously1+2 _ video from installation, 2m37s, 2018

Grow Autonomously2

주체롭게 자라다2 Grow Autonomously2 _ video from installation, 1m26s, 2017

Grow Autonomously1

주체롭게 자라다1 Grow Autonomously1 _ video from installation, 2m37s, 2017

Autonomously 2 _ Video

주체롭게 2_영상 Autonomously 2_Video, single channel video, 12m 05s, 2016

Autonomously 1 _ Video

주체롭게 1_영상   Autonomously 1_Video, single channel video, 11m 57s, 2016

The Shape of Ginger / A Video for Arts Practical Test

생강의 모양/실기영상 The Shape of Ginger/A Video for Arts Practical Test _ single channel video, 10m 14s, 2015

The Shape of Ginger _ Opening VJing

생강의 모양_오프닝 브이제잉-1 The Shape of Ginger_Opening VJing-ver.1, single channel video, 2m 00s, 2015 Editing by Kim Dong-hyo

The Shape of Ginger _ A Video for Opening Ceremony

오프닝영상 A Video for Opening Ceremony _ single channel video, 3m 11s, 2015

Your Ability

당신의 능력 Your Ability _ video from installation, 8m05s, 2016

The Shape of Mind

마음의 모양 The Shape of Mind _ video from installation, 3m38s, 2015

Kindness / belief of ( ) seconds _ installation video

친절 / ( )초의 믿음 Kindness / belief of ( ) seconds _ video from installation, 8m 53s, 2014

Without you _ video documentary

당신없이 Without you _ video documentary, 2m 31s, 2013

Equilibrium conflict _ stop motion

평형갈등 Equilibrium conflict _ stop motion, 2m 29s, 2013

Equilibrium conflict _ installation video

평형갈등 Equilibrium conflict _ video from installation, 57s, 2012

Alaska zebra _ SBS CNBC

알라스카지브라 Alaska zebra _ Art x Economy Collaboration video, SBS CNBC, 2m 15s, 2013

Alaska zebra _ installation video

알라스카지브라 Alaska zebra _ video from installation, 1m 5s, 2009

Untitled _ installation video

무제 Untitled _  video from installation, 1m 25s, 2012

Mom, I am studying hard _ installation video

엄마, 아들은 공부 열심히 하고 있어요 Mom, I am studying hard _ video from installation, 1m 29s, 2008

Sahara goldfish _ installation video

사하라금붕어 Sahara goldfish _ video from installation, 1m 14s, 2008

Tapench _ process video

타펜치 Tapench _ process video, 53s, 2006